MASSterList: Gov signs $30.6B budget – Brown backs federal anti-corruption bill – Patrick confident

BUDGET: Gov. Patrick signed a $30.6 billion budget yesterday. (T&G,WBURRepublican) He laments some of the cuts, says WWLP, but is pretty happy about the $2.5 million for higher education (BBJ).Lawmakers in both chambers are satisfied with the limited vetos the governor enacted (Sun Chron.)

MASSD'OH: After this past weekend's highway tunnel maybe-cover-up story, Patrick still has Transportation chief Jeffrey Mullan's back (Globe).

TODAY IN CORRUPTION: In what can only be seen as a direct insult to the proud traditions of his former colleagues back home, U.S. Senator Scott Brown is backing a bill that would strip federal pensions from former members of Congress if they've convicted of corruption (AP). Remember Merrimack-area Special Education pioneer John Barranco from a few weeks ago? Yeah, he's still getting his $157k pension (S&E).

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