Jen Caissie’s Unfiltered Thoughts on the Speranzo Nomination

(And Speranzo is confirmed by a 5-4 vote. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Governor’s Councillor Jenn Caissie took to Facebook yesterday to air her concerns about the Governor’s Appointment of Christopher Speranzo to a clerk magistrate’s position in Pittsfield.  It’s a pretty damning look at the Governors judgement.  Here are her posts, in the order they were posted.

The Council is voting on Governor Patrick’s nomineee to the Clerk Magistrate position for the Pittsfield District Court. I am disappointed with the appointment of Christopher Speranzo to this position and hope the Governor will reconsider.

At his confirmation hearing, I asked Mr. Speranzo, age 38, whether he had ever had a trial, civil or criminal? He said no to both. I asked if he had any experience in criminal law. He said none. Most of what a clerk magistrate does involves the area of criminal law. This was troubling.

At Speranzo’s hearing I further inquired about his experience in the private sector, in private practice. He stated that he had no experience in the private sector and had not received a weekly paycheck from anyone other than the taxpayers of Massachusetts.

He has no experience as an assistant clerk, like the two people who were passed over in the Pittsfield District Court. At the end of the hearing, I was left perplexed as to how this person could be nominated by the Governor. I understand politics, and that this is the Governor’s nomination to make.

That said, there must be some modicum of professionalism involved. Peoples’ liberty and property will be on the line in front of a 38 year old state representative who has no qualifications to be a clerk magistrate.

Tomorrow, I fear a 4 to 4 vote with the Lt. Gov. breaking the tie to put him in as clerk magistrate. I have heard that Speranzo is a good guy. That he may be, but clerk magistrate material he is not.

Here’s hoping they can convince one of the other four Councilors to deny this appointment.

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  • She promised that she would think and research about all

    the votes she would make.

    So far she has kept that promise and opened us to why

    we need to stay involved in the working of our Government.

  • And was told that he most likely would be supporting the Governor’s appointment.

    I asked why and was told that Mr. Speranzo had significant experience and he would make a good magistrate.

    I asked what exactly was his experience and how did it tie into being the clerk magistrate?  How did the competencies of Mr. Speranzo line up with the required competencies for the clerk magistrate’s position?  I asked if Councilor Kennedy had gone through this sort of an exercise with this appointment and, if so would he be willing to share, point by point, the qualfications he considered relevant and how more Speranzo met them.

    I don’t have it, don’t think it exists and don’t think it would be forthcoming if it did.

    The way this one is working out we could save the Commonwealth a lot of money by heading on down to Staples and buying a rubber stamp as that is all Kennedy is prooving to be in this role.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Sounds like Jenn Caisee is doing a great job.  Keep up the good work!

    This is so typical though.  A person nominated by the Governor, who is out of step, to take a position by a person, who is out of step.  

    From this blog:

    State Legislator representing Pittsfield, Massachusetts from the Spring of 2005 – (?). Peter J. Larkin annointed Chris Speranzo to his legislative seat after Larkin resigned six days after taking the oath of office in January 2005 to become a high paid, special interest lobbyist. Chris Speranzo, like Pittsfield Pols Peter Larkin, Jimmy Ruberto, Carmen Massimiano, Andrea Nuciforo, Mary O’Brien, John Barrett III, and the like, are part of the Good Old Boy Network. Chris Speranzo played inside politics to beat out 2 women–Rhonda Serre and Pam Malumphy–in the Democratic Primary Special Election and then Republican Terry Kinnas in the General Special Election. The only real reason why the election was “Special” is because Chris Speranzo winning Larkin’s seat was predetermined from day one!

    Sounds like the Democrats are using this rep seat as a stepping stone into higher paying gigs.  

  • I hope some of the local papers cover this.

    Good of you to put this up Rob!

  • Tim recently had a campaign staffer appointed as Director of Gateway Cities to the tune of $105k per year. The Speranzo vote that he may be forced to make to break the tie appears to be another patronage move. Maybe some of this patronage nonsense comes back to haunt Timmy during his 2014 run for Governor.  

  • Murray for Governor!

    BOSTON-With Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray casting the tie-breaking vote, a contentious Governor’s Council on Wednesday approved Gov. Deval Patrick’s nomination of a Democratic lawmaker to a judicial post in western Massachusetts that had been vacant for two years.

    Tweet Be the first to Tweet this!.ShareThis .Patrick entered the council chambers after the eight-member body deadlocked on the nomination of Rep. Christopher Speranzo, D-Pittsfield, to the post of clerk-magistrate of the Pittsfield District Court. Patrick momentarily took the gavel from Murray, who normally chairs the council, allowing the lieutenant governor to break the tie.

  • That a Governor’s Councilor is talking about filling a position that should’t exist.

    They meet what, twice a month at a nice $25K a year job?

    I read that it’s been like 20 years since they didn’t confirm a Governor’s appointment.

    But hey, we need them!!


    With Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray casting the tie-breaking vote, a narrowly divided Governor’s Council yesterday approved Gov. Deval Patrick’s nomination of a Democratic lawmaker to a judicial post in western Massachusetts that had been vacant for two years.