Evergreen Solar shares: 3/$1 – Hey Deval, any other hot tips for us?

Evergreen Solar shares dropped 39 percent to around 37 cents each.  The company has until January 3rd to get it stock price back above $1 or risk being delisted by NASDAQ.  

Evergreen shuttered its Devens plant in March, laying off 800 workers, just three years after building the $450 million factory with help from a $58 million state incentives package.

The Patrick administration has been trying to “claw back” $4 million in taxpayer cash from Evergreen, the once-promising poster child of the governor’s clean energy agenda.

So Deval, any other hot tips for us taxpayers?  You came into office touting your private sector experience and look what is has brought us – lost tax breaks, misguided tax dollars, outsourcing and unemployment, and that is just in a single company….

You did say your weren’t running for another term, didn’t you?

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