Deval Troubled by Globe’s Big Dig Report

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Yesterday’s Globe report appears to have gotten Deval Patrick’s attention. It got mine. So here are the question.

Why is the Patrick administration relying on the Globe to do investigations that the Patrick administration should be doing? And would Deval be “troubled” if the Globe had not done its investigation?

Patrick troubled by Big Dig report avoidance

Governor Deval Patrick said today he was troubled that the chief engineer in charge of Boston’s Big Dig tunnels has avoided making written reports since a 2006 ceiling collapse in one tunnel killed a woman, prompting massive lawsuits.

The governor said that might violate Transportation Department policy.

“The question is whether people are abiding by that policy,” said Patrick, who was responding to a report about the issue in Sunday’s Boston Globe. “It does not give me the kind of confidence I should have – and I think the public should have – to have the chief engineer reportedly saying what he said.”…

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