Culture of Corruption: You Get the Government You Work To Elect – Part 2

“Take away the cause, and the effect ceases.” – Miguel de Cervantes

I guess I should have read the Boston Globe the morning before writing my first post.  It seems they have done a lenghty piece on the Government the folks at BMG work to elect.

Information blackouts are treated with an almost religious reverence by the power brokers on Beacon Hill, who frequently decline to detail what is being discussed out of what they term “a respect for the process.”

Massachusetts, the birthplace of American democracy, is one of fewer than 20 states with virtually no requirements that legislators discuss government business in public, according to a Globe review of open government data compiled by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. This state is one of about 10 in which the public does not have even limited rights to view legislators’ records.

Beacon Hill will only be changed when people like those at Blue Mass Group fight the corruption and secrecy in their own party.  Not with flowery words, but with the actions of withholding support.  Otherwise, the status quo will prevail, and they will get the government they work to elect.

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