Contradicting headlines…….Compare and contrast Obama’s gun position..

Saw this headline today: “Obama to unveil Gun Control Reforms”, which details the President’s plan to issue executive orders, via the Department of Justice, to Congress that will restrict the Constitutionally protected ownership/use of firearms.  Obama knows that he won’t get legislation passed through a Republican controlled House of Representatives, so he is sidestepping the process and issuing executive orders.  In a nutshell – he wants guns out of the hands of American citizens as much as possible…

Compare that headline with the one I saw here: “Obama Administration Not Enforcing Gun Laws, Rep Issa says”.  This article cites Rep Darell Issa’s observations regarding the covert operation aptly named ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ which was authorized by the same Department of Justice mentioned in the other article to sell guns to Mexican drug lords.  Operation F&F is now under intense scrutiny from Congress as no mention of the covert plan was made to Mexican authorities, and nobody on the US side seems to want to take responsibility for the misguided and deadly debacle.

“Under President George W. Bush, U.S. attorneys were even fired for not enforcing guns laws strictly enough,” Issa told Fox News on Thursday. But, he added, under the Obama administration, “there seems to be a ‘don’t bother to enforce at all’ policy, so that disturbs us — that there’s less gun enforcement about illegal gun transactions under an administration that theoretically is more for gun control, and George W. Bush went out of his way to try to help the Mexicans by having a zero tolerance to illegal guns sales that could end up in Mexico.”

So on the one hand Obama is working around the normal process of US government to prevent Americans from having guns, and on the other hand working covertly to get guns into the hands of Mexican criminals and drug lords, which ultimately find their way back over the US border and end up being used to kill law enforcement agents.  Somebody pinch me because this seems too much like a really bad nightmare.

Of course, every day I read local news articles about some kids being shot to death on the streets of Massachusetts.  Here is today’s story about a kid shot 3 times and dropped out of a moving car in Springfield.  Here is yesterday’s news story – this one about a young man shot outside a Boston school. We all know the road from Springfield to Boston is a drug route – could the guns used in these shootings have been part of operation Fast and Furious?  Could the Obama administration’s covert approval of selling guns to drug dealers be coming home to roost in Massachusetts – at the expense of young men being murdered on the streets?  

The correct approach to public safety, as demonstrated under the Bush administration is to have few, highly enforced gun laws.  The wrong approach to public safety is the Obama administration’s ill conceived plan (if one can call it a plan?) to have lots of laws that aren’t enforced at all – and even broken by the administration itself.  

Sadly, come election time, the POTUS will get kudos from the left for his brave stand on controlling guns.  What the MSM will hardly speak about is the disgraceful and deadly flop of a a plan by Obama’s Department of Justice called Fast and Furious, that ended up putting guns into the hands of drug dealers, and putting a US law enforcement officer in an early grave.  

I dedicate this post to US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, age 40, who was killed by one of the guns the Obama administration authorized to be sold to Mexican drug dealers.  Brian Terry was also a US Marine Corp veteran.  Read more about him here.  Lastly, Brian Terry was killed in a deadly shootout while trying to apprehend a group of armed suspects that had been preying on illegal immigrants with the intent to rob them.  Please reflect on that irony…..

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