Bathroom Bill ads hit the airwaves

Today, MFI launched a series of radio ads on local stations to educate citizens about the dangers of the Bathroom Bill. As the announcer says, “Legislators are gambling with our safety by cutting backroom deals. The ‘Bathroom Bill’ will open up all public restrooms and school locker rooms to anyone of either sex.”

:60 Second Version

:30 Second Version

When citizens understand that this measure will allow any man into a women’s public restroom-even in our K-12 public schools-they oppose it. It is critical that we stop this bill from becoming law, and this is why we have taken our message to the airwaves. We must keep our public facilities safe, private and modest for all our citizens, especially our children.

All indications are that our opponents are ramping up their pressure on the Judiciary Committee to vote the Bathroom Bill out of committee for a full vote on the House floor. We must match their efforts to prevent that from happening. Visit for more information and to contact your legislators.


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