What the Bathroom Bill Will Cost You

Liberal media types and leftist activists frequently paint a picture of division on the right between social and fiscal conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans, and Tea Partiers versus ‘mainstream’ activists.

Half the time, we buy into it. But rarely do issues come along, which unite all of the Right’s factions in such a visible way as the Bathroom Bill (House Bill 502). But if you believe the hype, you might find yourself repeating the mantra that we should focus on ‘pocketbook’ issues and stay away from bills like this.

Unfortunately, what you didn’t know, could cost you (the taxpayer) hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money…

House Bill 502, the Bathroom Bill, up for a hearing in the joint legislative judiciary committee, not only tries to placate individuals with what the American Medical Association (AMA) describes as a serious psychological and neurological disorder, (so-called ‘transgendered’ individuals) it also forces property owners to make major concessions to accommodate a manufactured ‘civil’ right.


ALERT: Is the sky somehow not falling if our society is making neurological disorders into ‘civil rights’ in the name of 'equality'? 

What’s next: Alcoholism becomes a right?  Does Alzheimer's disease also become a ‘civil’ right?  One is psychological and the other is neurological.  Gender Identity Disorder is both. Because the Bathroom Bill would add “gender identity and expression” to hate crimes law and make it illegal to keep men out of women’s bathrooms, lockers rooms, showers and even allow boys on girls’ high school sports teams, businesses, municipalities and schools would have to go through extraordinary measures to ensure compliance, including the construction and installation of new bathrooms to comply with public accommodation laws. But the definition is so vague that anyone could declare a different ‘gender identity’ at any time for any reason. 

Aside from the obvious Pandora’s Box of abuse this measure would invite into our society relative to our children, the proposal would implement a de facto $5,500 tax on every business in the commonwealth and increase municipal costs to bring every town-owned building up to code with a bathroom labeled “other” to go alongside men’s and women’s bathrooms to ensure basic privacy and safety. That figure assumes a small, residential-sized 5 foot by 7 foot bathroom with inexpensive mosaic tiles, basic plaster and painting. Depending on the facility and its plumbing capacity, the cost per bathroom could balloon to $9,000. 

Why?  Because businesses would be forced to deal with increased liability insurance from safety hazards or just deal with the outright harassment issues from any would-be pervert who felt like a woman long enough to try and get into a restroom to sneak a peek or worse.  In order to avoid potential increases in liability insurance, etc., they would simply be forced to construct “other” bathrooms in addition to men and women only bathrooms.   With hundreds and thousands of buildings in our state, these are costs that would accumulate very quickly and shouldered by all of us at the property tax level, the income tax level and at the price for goods and services, where bathrooms are part of the equation (restaurants, gas stations, gyms, movie theaters, office buildings, you name it!)  

Ultimately, we need to consider the question as a society: Do we suggest to our children that the latest cultural fad of choosing one’s sex like picking out a tie or a pair of shoes for the day is equivalent to the struggles of Black civil rights leaders in the 1960s?  Or do we unite in opposition to absurd pieces of legislation that cater to the most radical left on the political landscape? If you agree, contact the Judiciary Committee and tell them how you feel: 

Senator Cynthia Stone Creem: Cynthia.Creem@masenate.gov

Representative Eugene O’Flaherty: Gene.OFlaherty@mahouse.gov

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