Transgender Bill Hearing Wednesday 1PM

The “Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes” bill that sank Baker/Tisei is raising its ugly head again, and according to MassResistance, there is a public hearing on it Tomorrow afternoon at the Massachusetts State House (Gardner Auditorium, State House, Wednesday 6/8/11 at 1 pm)!

I have written many posts on the huge cost of Transhumanism and Postgenderism here, including the letter I both emailed and hand delivered to Judiciary Committee last year. My Email To The Judiciary Committee Members starts off this way:

I have a suggestion for advancing the Transgender Rights bill currently stalled in the Judiciary Committee.

Could the bill be saved by adding a provision stating that “nothing in the bill implies a right to conceive children as either sex, or to become physically fully functional as either sex”?

We should not let them sneak a right to reproduce with either sex, or as the other sex, into a bill to be left alone. We all agree with the negative right to freely express ourselves and dress however we want, but we don’t agree that there is a positive right to be enabled to reproduce as either sex, or to have doctors perform surgery. That is going to be a huge government regulated entitlement boondoggle.

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