Top Ten Things About This Weekend’s MassDems Convention in Lowell

1)  It will be the largest gathering of Deval Patrick book buyers in the world.  Seeing as Patrick has struggled to sell more than 4000 books, the majority of his book buyers may be in attendance.

2)  In the next phase of their investigation, into Massachusetts corruption, be on the lookout for Federal investigators posing as bartenders to listen in on conversations.

3)  In the same vein, attendees staying over for the night will be extra careful to sweep their hotel rooms for bugs.

4)  The Democrats had to wait for a weekend recess in the DiMasi trial to hold their convention.  Otherwise they may have had to leave to give testimony.

5)  A motion may be made to rename the Tsongas Center the Cognos Center.

6)  John Walsh will run over to talk to a guy holding a sign that says, “Will run against Scott Brown for Food.”

7)  Based on the Jim Marzilli precedent, Citizen Patrols will be on high alert all weekend in Downtown Lowell.

8)  Under Federal scrutiny the break out session “Income Enhancement Techniques for Elected Officials” has been canceled.

9)  Anthony Galluccio’s suggestion of a drinking game every time Scott Brown’s name is mentioned will go horribly wrong, and end up in mass alcohol poisoning.

10) Tsongas Center is renamed MCI Lowell for the weekend.

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