The Left Woos… Social Conservatives

While I’ve abhorred the soullessness of the Saul Alinsky Left, I’ve always had a grudging respect for the creative tactics they’ve utilized to advance their political agenda. I’m sure some of their members are behind the campaign recently launched by the leftist American Values Network to drive a wedge between libertarians & social conservatives through the use of selective video/audio clips of Objectivist founder Ayn Rand in which the controversial libertarian derides religion. The propaganda – under the banner of “Christians Must Choose: Ayn Rand Or Jesus” – cites the praise Rand has received from prominent Republicans/conservatives before stating that such an embrace of the noted atheist has caused a “crisis of values” among religious voters. Here’s some of the tidbits being tossed at “values voters”:

Sen. Ron Johnson called Atlas Shrugged “his foundational book.”

Glenn Beck – “Ayn Rand, you’ve got to love Ayn Rand. She’s great.”


“What I am fighting is the idea that charity is a moral duty.”

“You love only those who deserve it.”

“Nobody has ever given a reason why man should be his brothers’ keeper.”

So here we have liberals (working within religious communities) who seek to actively divide economic & social conservatives across the nation in the hopes of preventing an effective coalition for election year 2012 & beyond. Maybe a potential source of inspiration for them has been the Massachusetts GOP. After all, a majority of the state Republican Party’s leadership has long advocated an anti-fusionist approach wherein the state GOP focused its energies on economic issues while rejecting what they believed to be the “distraction” of social issues. Guess which side is going to be “distracted” both now & in the future?

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