The Greatest Story Ever Told…The Mark Cusack Story

(A likely story. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Let’s see if I understand. A freshman rep does something pretty stupid a month ago and it makes its way into the news a few days ago. All of a sudden its the Bill Clinton impeachment story all over again. The freshman rep in question drinks a few beers, does something that single guys do with single gals, and somehow Bob DeLeo has to do an “investigation.” Never thought I would say this, but I feel bad for the Speaker.

Said “investigation” just happens to be finalized a day or two after the one month old story became public and to no ones surprise the dumb ass freshman rep will not be going to prison. He will, however, have to go back to Braintree and explain himself which may be punishment enough. Ah, the wisdom of the Speaker!

Perhaps the funniest part of the story is the response from DeLeo’s office. This per

In a press release, House Speaker Robert DeLeo said the 26-year-old Cusack’s behavior in the chamber was not inappropriate, and did not violate any law, House rule, or House personnel policy.

Do you get the feeling that the Speaker couldn’t wait to move onto something else, like casinos. And did the Speaker really say the ” behavior in the chamber was not inappropriate?” Makes you wonder how you define inappropriate, but again maybe the naughty freshman legislator’s friends and neighbors in Braintree will help with the definition.

By the way, the coverage of this story over on BMG is pretty funny and in all seriousness, a must read.…

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