Defense of Palin Psychosis (DoPPs)

The Democrats have Brown Derangement Syndrome, here we have Defense of Palin Psychosis. (DoPPs)

Sarah Palin opens her mouth and lets fly with another gem of a gaffe, Liberals quickly and righteously declare that she doesn’t understand American history, half of the Conservative world takes to the books and engages in wicked contortions and acrobatics to prove correct Palin’s mistakes and the other half, whose forehead bruises just healed from the last round, begins hitting their collective foreheads on a brick wall anew.

It’s not even that people don’t make mistakes; they do. Palin, her staff and defenders aren’t even willing to admit that what she said, even if she had read an obscure letter written by Paul Revere in 1798, still sounded like an 8 year old Francophone trying, in English, to convey the sense of it.

She didn’t know about this letter. Paul Revere didn’t set out to warn the British, he threatened them when he was captured. She didn’t know the story, or she at least mangled the narrative in trying to anachronistically apply it to some inane Second Amendment red meat talking points while she was shooting from the hip. [BA DUM]. Why does the “analysis” have to go any further than that?

It boggles my mind that people jump through such hoops to defend Sarah, a candidate who comes to us as one who is just about as flawed as they come. I say that if she is buried in an avalanche of past and present criticism based on what she says, it’s all the better for the party.

Even if it was the media that decided to crucify her, so what? They did the same thing to Dan Quayle and nobody bats an eye in his defense. Sarah is damaged goods for Republicans.

We’re in a winner take all game here. Politics is a blood sport; if the voters view a candidate as compromised, cut them loose- they can’t win, they’re useless as a candidate; find another day job, Fred, Rudy, Duncan.

My take: instead of crying foul when the media calls a Republican out on a gaffe, find a candidate who’s smart enough either a) not to make ones like this or b) who knows how to bloody handle it afterwards. ‘Cuz the media doesn’t go after Sarah only because she’s a Republican, they go after her because her idiocy sells newspapers… or online subscriptions, whatever those kids are reading today.

In summation, Defense of Palin Psychosis are severe, but treatable with support, understanding, counseling and finding a better horse to back.  

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