Operation Meet the Quota

I’m getting multiple reports on my facebook feed that the Massachusetts State Police are out in full force for the end of the month evening commutes.  Especially on Route 3 north of the city.  Thought you’d all want to know.  Like you should all days, take it slow and obey the speed limit.  

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  • CVarley

    on obeying the No Texting laws?

    We need a sarcasm font!

  • since were outing the speed traps that will be enforced,rt 495 south heading towards the cape thursday night.between rt’s 44 and rt 25.

  • Vote3rdpartynow
  • Vote3rdpartynow

  • What a terrible way to lead our state police by making them revenue-raisers.

  • one nearly every day on Rt3 north…before the Rt 62 exit.

  • This isn’t just a lead up effort to the July 4 weekend?  You know state police got a little extra funding for OT for increased enforcement?  

    I have had countless people over the years claim the police have quotas to meet (both local and state), but have been told by just the opposite as well (by police, once by a magistrate).  

    I have heard there are quotas for parking tickets in various cities at different times, but that is an entirely different matter.  

  • BrocktonDave

    …they could probably close the entire budget gap by enforcing red lights.

    …of course if we had the right size police department we wouldn’t have a problem either.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    So these turkeys think they can catch me on my annual run to the border to pick up my beloved fireworks do they?