Obama’s Libyan War – what happened to “days, not weeks”.

Do you remember President Obama’s speech to the US and his private briefing with Congressional leaders about his plans to attack Libya?  I do!  It was back on or about March 20th.  I distinctly remember Obama’s promise to keep American involvement limited to a support role and that he would turn over the lead to others.

Americans, Brits and the French began bombarding targets in Libya on March 20. Our president made a big deal of our participation being minimal and famously pledged that the operation would be over “in a matter of days, not weeks.”

 Quote from this source.

Let me see now….March 20th through today is about two and a half months.  So it is more than days, more than weeks, we are now into months.  But those on the left will insist that ‘we’ are not involved in the war, it is actually NATO that is involved.  We are simply supporting their efforts.  But what about this…

Although it is working under Nato, the US is by far the largest contributor to operation Unified Protector. As of mid-May it was conducting 70 per cent of reconnaissance missions, over 75 per cent of refuelling flights and 27 per cent of all air sorties.

The US has about 75 aircraft, including drones, involved in the operations and since the end of March has conducted about 2,600 aircraft sorties and about 600 combat sorties. In addition the US military can call on a number of naval assets in the Mediterranean.

As well as its contribution to the Nato operation, US spending on Libya includes its twelve day operation Odyssey Dawn that took place before Nato took over.

In total the US military has fired about 228 missiles as of mid-May. For comparison the US Navy plans to buy 196 or so missiles this year for about $300m or about $1.5m each, according to US budget documents.

The DOD claims the war in Libya is over budget and would cost about $750M in 2011.  And for this we get a stalemate. Gaddafi is said to be negotiating his exit, his troops are mass raping women and children, and 60% of Americans now oppose a war without direction or clarity.  Gee, sounds the same as Obama’s economic policy.

So Obama can’t solve our economic troubles.  Obama can’t conduct a war against a screwed up clown like Gaddafi.  Hell, he can’t even keep his own House Reps from blasting pics of their penis over the Internet.  Is this really the new kind of leadership we were promised?  Is this really the guy that the GOP is afraid they can’t beat in 2012?  I think anyone can beat Obama with a unified effort.  Obama is a failure!  

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