Not… going to… write… about…. CAHILL!

I know I promised I was done with my ranting about former Treasurer Cahill and his stalking horse gubernatorial candidacy.  I even titled my previous Cahill post “The last thing I’ll write about Tim Cahill” in an effort to lock myself in.  The thing about this casual blogging deal, though, is there’s really no accountability.  If I wanted to I could just go back and delete that promise.  But I won’t, which in a way is sort of noble.  So there.  I am breaking my promise nobly.

And anyhow, this rant is more about the press’s coverage of Cahill than Cahill himself.  I’m not even sure Cahill himself still exists, though a friend reports seeing him at a parade recently, mixed almost anonymously in with the curbside crowd.

I’ll keep it short.  the Globe’s front page headline today is: “Files link Cahill to lottery’s ’10 ad blitz.”  Well, no $%@#.  

You remember those ads.  The ones that went something like this: “The Massachusetts Lottery.  Best managed in the nation.  Managed conservatively by a tall, independent ex high school wrestler from Quincy with a crooked yet somehow endearing smile. A guy you might want to support for higher office, to thank him for being such a darned great lottery manager.”  The ones Cahill insisted had nothing to do with his campaign.

Last October, the headline could have read “Emails link Cahill to lottery’s ad blitz” (oh wait!  One did!).   Or, “Common sense links Cahill to lottery’s ad blitz.”  Aside from the  fact that Cahill apparently had a one-on-one meeting with the lottery’s  ad agency back in August ’10, there really is nothing new in the Globe’s  ‘revelation’ article today that was not easily discerned from the facts available to the press corps back in October 2010.  You know, around the time when Cahill was spinning into his final Kamikaze dive… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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