Miscellany: Of snitchin’, fuzzy math, the Gov’s debt to Whitey, and MA’s Insane Clown Posse

No Snitchin’! As part of their legislative ethics revamp package rolled out this week, House Republicans proposed a “snitch rule,”  requiring any legislator with knowledge of unethical conduct by his or  her colleagues to, well, snitch.  Which  calls to mind this iconic movie ending  (the violence-averse should skip to the 35 second mark).  Of course a  snitch rule would not have prevented Sal DiMasi’s transgressions, since  we all know that noooooobody else in the D caucus had aaaaaaany  ideeeaaaaaaa what was going on with that Cognos contract.  The Republicans have “invited” Democrats  to support their reform package.  Somehow – call me a cynic if you will –  I suspect the only snitching that is going to happen in connection with  all of this will be Ds snitching to leadership on other Ds for thinking  about signing on to the Republican proposal.

This guy’s judgment blows.  I don’t pretend to know enough about the wind energy siting legislation currently “stuck in committee without a scheduled hearing date” to have a firm opinion on its merits.  I know Governor Patrick called it a top priority last year, but hasn’t said anything much about it lately.  I know Senate President Murray tried to cram it through informal sessions last summer, but likewise hasn’t had much to say recently.  And I know people in the communities developers are eying for wind energy generation facilities oppose it, claiming that the legislation will override local decision making authority.  The most important thing I know, though, is that the bill’s primary sponsor is Rep. Frank Smizik, who last week described convicted felon Sal DiMasi as “a wonderful man” who “did a great job as Speaker.”  So I’m not sure Smizik is the guy who we should trust to formulate the Commonwealth’s wind energy policy.  His judgement blows.

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