Massachusetts the Nation’s Fourth Most-Friendly State for Employment, 2008-2010

More bad news for those who would boo and hiss positive economic news for the Commonwealth in the name of political partisanship against Governor Deval Patrick:

Massachusetts was the fourth most-friendly state for employment in the period [2008-2010], the data show. Texas, where Republican Governor Rick Perry has touted his state’s title as Chief Executive magazine’s best for business, was sixth.

Governor Deval Patrick credited Massachusetts’s commitment to education for the ranking. “We’ve invested in public education at the highest level in the history of the commonwealth, even when the bottom’s been falling out of everything else,” the Democrat said in an interview. “It’s our calling card around the world.”

Basically, Bloomberg News compiled economic data to determine this, inspired apparently by Republican Governor Rick Perry touting Texas’ state economy.  Texas ranked 6th, two notches behind Massachusetts’ 4th place ranking.  Bloomberg News used the following metrics:

Bloomberg’s ranking weighed changes in states’ employment, their jobless rates and annual median wages.

2008-2010 sounds like the meat of the Deval Patrick Administration.  And Massachusetts ranked 4th in the country.  Not too shabby.  Of course it’s lousy when Fidelity or some other giant corporation decides to shift jobs out of state; but, overall, Massachusetts has, relative to the other 49 states, done a great job of weathering the economic crisis.  It’s of little solace to those still unemployed; but, when we’re talking about the Patrick record, it’s an indication that things are about as good as they could be.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I admit it, you finally have made the argument that Deval Patrick is the next coming of the messiah.  I am ashamed that I was skeptical at all and truly sorry that I doubted Deval Patrick’s ability.  He really is an incredible guy and its just too bad he isn’t running for any elected office in the future.

    So tell me, what has his successor Tim Murray done?  Aside from hire overpaid hacks while the Governor is out of town.  

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    did the high cost of living via “median wages” affect the data.  Will Bloomberg allow others to look at their model?

  • so it’s Deval’s doing that we have so many colleges in the area cranking out college grads?