Judge Still Wants 97K Pension, Doesn’t Care What You Want.

A little over a month ago, Fox 25 did a great story


on a Massachusetts judge seeking to do a reach around on Massachusetts taxpayers. Seems that the judge believed he was entitled to the same pension that other judges receive after 10 years on the bench. Only problem is that he hasn’t earned it. That hasn’t stopped him from asking.

“I think right now the benefits that I’m seeking are appropriate and I intend to pursue them,” Riley said. “To the average person out there, $90,000 dollars a year for six years of work seems like a lot of money. But I made a lot of personal sacrifices to serve the public and I believe I’m eligible for those benefits and should receive them,” Riley told Fox 25’s Mike Beaudet.

See Judge Riley may have big balls, but he has a weak heart. In 2008 he left the bench after only 6 years at the ripe old age of 59. Now while a normal person would be denied a benefit that they have not earned, that hasn’t stopped Judge Riley, and for someone who claims that he needs 97K a year, he’s been very active at donating:

Records 1 through 9 of 9 total records ($2,650.00)

6/24/2004   Riley, Patrick MA Society of CPA’s, INC. $100.00

6/27/2006   Riley, Patrick  MA Society of CPA’s, INC. $100.00

5/20/2006   RILEY, PATRICK

DiMasi, Salvatore F. $100.00

12/18/2003   Riley, Patrick B.

Romney, Mitt $500.00

3/21/2005   RILEY, PATRICK

Flaherty Jr., Michael F. $500.00

9/30/2005   Riley, Patrick

Reilly, Thomas F. $500.00

3/28/2009   RILEY, PATRICK B

Murray, Therese $100.00

9/27/2010   RILEY, PATRICK

Patrick, Deval L. $250.00

6/17/2010   Riley, Patrick

DeLeo, Robert A. $500.00

Now even though Governor Patrick received $250 from the judge, he has rightfully refused a provision within his powers to grant the judge a pension. Did that stop the judge? NO. I’m sure the judge feels he earned it with such stellar decisions like giving a weekend only sentence to a man who raped a 14 year old girl. After a few years, his attempts went nowhere, so he reached out to his “old friend” State Sen. Steven Baddour, who hosted Judge Riley’s swearing-in ceremony in 2002.

Well, the Fox investigation tampered down Baddour’s enthusiasm, he put the bill on hold, and the taxpayers breathed a sigh of relief.

However, the judge just pulled up stakes and found a new horse, Vincent A. Pedone of Worcester, who filed House Bill # 02477. While Baddour’s bill has stalled, the identical language in Pedone’s bill will let the judge grab his 97K.

And it’s on the house’s docket for tomorrow.

Call, email, annoy, your state representative immediately. Tell them to vote no on H02477 tomorrow and tell Judge Riley that to you $97,000 per year for the rest of his life for 6 years of work is a big deal.

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