How “Frequently Asked” Are These FAQs?

I was curious about RMG’s background so I went to the About Us box in the left-hand column of the site, and the top link is FAQ (frequently asked questions).

I clicked on FAQ and was pretty amused at what I saw.  Now, I have, on numerous occasions, commented on how sloppily written many of the posts on RMG are, from sloppy punctuation to poor spelling to incorrect grammar to incoherent syntax to simply writing at a second-grade level.

The state of the FAQ page, however, gave me a pretty good chuckle about the slipshod degree of care and maintenance the administrators put into this site.

There are three questions on the FAQ page.

The first question is actually, ironically, simply praise for Blue Mass Group, from which this blog, um, “sampled” its name.

The second question is pretty hilarious and I wonder how “frequently” it gets asked:

What’s the deal with the logo?

The red areas are where Healey or Healey plus Mihos were greater than Deval.

Pretty hilarious for a few reasons:

1) That election was five years ago already.

2) The logo is a fully red Massachusetts.  While Governor Healey really appreciates the show of support, you might want to re-visit those election results.

3) I would imagine that the fact that this “FAQ” has sat here for so long demonstrates the overall lack of interest in the page (and perhaps the site in general).

The final question could be deemed a bit misleading, kind of surprising for a “frequently” asked question:

Who sponsors you?

RMG is not sponsored by anyone.

Given that I have seen sporadic advertising on this site from Republican campaigns, it could actually be deemed a bit misleading to suggest that no one “sponsors” the site.  Of course it seems the site is independently run by the site administrators, rather than by the Massachusetts Republican Party or anything like that – but media outlets routinely say that they are “sponsored by” their advertisers.  Allowing for that kind of confusion is just another illustration of the sloppiness of the site.

So, um, how frequently asked are these questions?

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