House in Session to Work on Supplemental Budget, They Should Take Separate Vote on Tornado Relief

The Massachusetts House of Representatives is in formal session today to consider a supplemental budget.  A good portion of that budget is relief for the victims of the Tornadoes in Western and Central Massachusetts.  As is the usual case however, other pet projects and spending is attached as well.  

By coupling those other projects with tornado relief, the Speaker is setting up any Republican that votes no on the supplemental budget to be painted as someone that doesn’t support those in need after a major natural disaster.  The Speakers office and Minority Leader’s office should come to an agreement to allow members to vote for Tornado Relief while voting against the supplemental budget.  This tragedy is not something to play politics with.

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  • ….don’t these victims have insurance?  Both times I’ve lost everything I owned (hurricane Inike and a house fire)….I had insurance.  Renter’s insurance on top of my landlord’s home insurance.

    If a tornado sucks my current house over the rainbow, I am insured to the full cost of structure replacement and itemized contents.

    Do these victims not have insurance?  Do I have to carry insurance or do I now rely on the State to come swooping in and save me?

    Shame on them Dems for doing what politicians, including Republicans, do all too frequently.

  • CVarley

    What are the

    other pet projects and spending

    being proposed?

    Your point is correct but let’s make sure voters know what is on the table so we are rady to fight back when the R’s vote against them – as they should!