Happy Brown Derangement Syndrome Day

Today, in Lowell, Massachusetts Democrats are gathering for their annual convention to trash Scott Brown.  It what surely will be known as the first annual Brown Derangement Syndrome day.  As the assembled masses gather, perhaps its a good time to go over some of John Walsh and his Democrat’s greatest Scott Brown Hits.

First up is the fact that somebody had to pay union members to show up to “support” Martha Coakley at debate standouts.  Remember this one?

Then there was the “LockStep” ad where John Walsh had an ad cut comparing Rush Limbaugh and by extension Scott Brown to the Nazis.

Then there was the ad where John Walsh couldn’t even spell Massachusetts correctly.

Finally on the final weekend came the “Hail Mary” play.  The disgusting flyer that purported that Scott Brown wanted his daughters turned away from an emergency room if, god forbid, they were raped.  

Keep up the good work this weekend Chairman Walsh.

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