Governor Patrick – Yes We Can! put MA residents as risk

(Start those calls – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Our esteemed Governor announced this morning that after conducting Pubic Forums on the federal Secure Communities program, he has decided we want out. Hmmmm – how many of these forums (before you cancelled half of them) did you attend, Sir?

This dangerous, illogical, strategic, politically-calculated-to-drive-support-to-Obama decision brings to mind those 3 little words that mean so much – elections have consequences.

Once again, the taxpayers of the Commonwealth are being afforded no relief whatsoever. Not only will we, along with every other resident, legal or illegal or just visiting, continue to face the risk of encountering a dangerous criminal alien as we go about our daily lives, we also continue to be forced to support these dirtbags when (or if) they are incarcerated. With his misguided political pandering, Governor Patrick illustrates his unbreakable, cult-like adherence to progressive social policy over common sense, highly effective, cost efficient, public safety policy.

Hey, how do we get another one of those do-over elections?  Anybody sell a house to a “disenfranchised” voter anywhere?

Take a moment out of your afternoon to call the Governor’s office and let him (or rather, his staff) know what you think.

617.725.4005          888.870.7770

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