Globe Silent on Alleged Cusack Sex Scandal

Update: On June 14, 2011 Speaker Robert DeLeo announced that he cleared both Representative Cusack and the Aide of any wrongdoing. – Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

Twenty something rep gets caught in compromising situation with young aide in the rostrum of the State House.  Sounds like a story tailor made to sell newspapers, no?  Well if you’re the folks on Morrisey Boulevard its like it never happened.  

To recap, on Friday afternoon we learned that Representative Mark Cusack (D-Braintree) was caught with an aide passed out on the Rostrum of the State House.  Speaker Bob DeLeo’s office announced that an investigation into the “innapropriate relations” between the two is under investigation.  Now, as adults, we all realize that “innapropriate relations” has a high preponderance of meaning the two have carnal knowledge of each other.  

One woild expect Boston’s newspaper of record, The Boston Globe, to print the story.  As of yet they haven’t.  I wonder how different it would be if the Rep in question were a freshman Republican.

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