Globe Silent on Alleged Cusack Sex Scandal

Update: On June 14, 2011 Speaker Robert DeLeo announced that he cleared both Representative Cusack and the Aide of any wrongdoing. – Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

Twenty something rep gets caught in compromising situation with young aide in the rostrum of the State House.  Sounds like a story tailor made to sell newspapers, no?  Well if you’re the folks on Morrisey Boulevard its like it never happened.  

To recap, on Friday afternoon we learned that Representative Mark Cusack (D-Braintree) was caught with an aide passed out on the Rostrum of the State House.  Speaker Bob DeLeo’s office announced that an investigation into the “innapropriate relations” between the two is under investigation.  Now, as adults, we all realize that “innapropriate relations” has a high preponderance of meaning the two have carnal knowledge of each other.  

One woild expect Boston’s newspaper of record, The Boston Globe, to print the story.  As of yet they haven’t.  I wonder how different it would be if the Rep in question were a freshman Republican.

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  • First I heard of that.  Do you have a source to that, or like Critical Dan, and you’re making up rumors as you tell the story?  

  • The Ryan Fattman story was picked up by the Globe

    Lawmaker explains immigration remarks

    June 11, 2011

    By Travis Andersen, Globe Staff

    Freshman state lawmaker defended yesterday statements he made earlier in the week that suggested that illegal immigrants who are raped should be afraid to contact police, saying that his remarks were “misportrayed” in a newspaper article.

  • It’s not as if she was a rape victim.  Took two to tango on the rostrum.

  • I don’t even come close to giving this guy a free pass for what may or may not have happened on the rostrum. Poor taste and a slap in the face to all of us.

    But seriously, RMG – be careful with the rumor mongering. Consider the aide involved before posting that they were passed out or – as our friend CriticalMass front paged – that it may not have been consensual. Your knowledge of Beacon Hill rumors doesn’t impress anyone.

    Regarding the Globe – check out the Herald article. They don’t even name Cusack. Surprised/bothered that the Globe hasn’t covered it yet, but the Herald doesn’t seem to think it’s much of a story either. Maybe tomorrow will have a full-page picture of Cusack on the front of the Herald to prove me wrong.

  • If it was covered, it was not exactly a prominent story.  I did however, read the Page 1 story about the Suffield, Ct native that works on the set of C.S.I.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    The news is stating that Cusack and an aide were involved in ‘inappropriate behavior’ after a budget debate.  In Massachusetts ‘inappropriate behavior’ could mean ‘recommending a sales tax cut’ or ‘making sure hacks aren’t hired’ or ‘working to balance the budget’.  Certainly Democrats consider those things ‘inappropriate behavior’.  

  • … every time you see the name Cusack, you think Canuck.

  • Real serious newspaper.  Here’s another headline from the same front page.  Too bad I can’t check out the bikini babe alwats pictured on page 2

    “Too sexy to cycle! Police pulled me over for showing too much skin, says tourist”