Gary Johnson Excluded From NH Debate

(This is utter stupidity – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I’m not a libertarian, neither the big “L” kind nor small the small “l” kind. Gary Johnson is someone that I have never considered supporting, and, unless hell freezes over, never will. But this kind of bothers me; Gary Johnson has been excluded from Monday’s GOP debate in New Hampshire.

I understand keeping candidates out once some basic viability thresholds are set, but it’s too early for that. Cain was a nobody before the South Carolina debate. Santorum is still a nobody, and Gingrich is on his way to becoming a nobody. People who have not even declared, like Rudy and Huckabee, have received invites, but not Johnson. Whatever you think about Johnson, he is playing by the rules.

He was a very popular and successful two-term governor. He is a committed, declared candidate doing all the things that he is supposed to be doing. He showed up at the South Carolina debate, when many other candidates ducked it. He has remained a loyal Republican, even though he has been courted by the Libertarian Party. This just bothers me. Dedication and playing by the rules should count for something at this early qualifying stage. Never in a million years would I think that I would be posting and linking a pro-Gary Johnson piece, but yeah. Something about this is just wrong.

Its a Republican debate, he belongs.


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  1. i could understand excluding democrats from a republican debate,but johnson is a registered republican and should be at the debate.will make a call to the manchester union leader and get a reason.

  2. Is that the debate sponsors claim to be excluding Johnson based on objective criteria, which Johnson has clearly met .

    A supporter made a clever idiot’s guide to help the sponsors find the legitimate polls by which he qualifies.

  3. Ought to pay, out of pocket, for the debate, and then demand he be included.  Bonus points for that candidate if the moderator tries to exclude him, and gets a verbal beatdown.

  4. Gary Johnson Wildly Popular At Home, Unlike Other GOP Candidates

    It’s impressive that a Republican can be so popular in a Democrat-leaning state after vetoing more bills than all other governors combined.  

  5. to be a candidate. He was a governor for chrissakes!

  6. If the other participants had some gumption they would walk.

  7.  quick up date;according to the people at the manchester union leader the person must register on a national poll in order to be in the debate.johnson is not even at 1%,even though he announced his bid early on.i due not like this idea,since he is a republican,but since i support ron paul,this gives him a leg up.any media talk about there not being a southerner in the race for the republicans,must be idiots,ron paul is from texas!

  8.     NEW MEXICO is a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1  and he was elected TWICE.  No tax increases, he cut government jobs, red tape and people liked him—-plus he’s libertarian.  That’s right—keep him out!!!

  9. There are three thresholds for entry and Johnson meets at least one.

    Besides, I think those threshold are bogus this early. They should use those three and perhaps a couple more, online signatures, money raised, past performance, or something. Polls are useless nine months out. Bill  Clinton was polling at one percent when he entered the race.

  10. i am not the ruler.i like ron paul,this exclusion by the sponsors of the debate helps him.if enough people register their complaint with the manchester union leader [cnn] is a waste of time,then they will pressure cnn to include johnson.this exclusion doe’s hurt romney.karma!

  11. The NH GOP withdrew sponsorship in response.  I’ll be surprised if Paul doesn’t have strong words for the debate sponsors about Gary Johnson’s treatment.  Johnson was the only governor to endorse Ron Paul in 2008.

  12. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Hey guys, we better not piss off Ron Paul and/or Gary Johnson’s camp!  Both camps when combined make up almost 1% of the GOP.  


    Ron Paul!  Gary Johnson!  BWA HA HA HAAAAAAAA!

  13. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    And he vetoed more bills than all other governors combined just to be a joik to all the Dems in his state?

    That’s fricken awesome!  

  14. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Johnson was outnumbered in New Mexico 2 to 1 and he still beat down the Dems twice?

    Why didn’t anyone tell me that before?

  15. the gop doe’s not run or sponsor this debate.the south carolina debate last month was sponsored by the gop and everyone that was running or thinking of running was invited.the media has a different threshold than the gop.if you have to call out the idiots,make sure your target is the media idiots.

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