Dems Hold Convention Without Recycling, Hypocrisy at its Finest

Cross posted from BMG poster stomv in a response to how the Democratic State Convention went:

I would have managed things a bit differently 1. I would have insisted that there be recycling recepticles in Tsongas, one next to every single trash can. There were none to be found. Shame on the Dem subcommittee in charge of facilities.

At a convention where speaker after speaker challenged Brown over his environmental voting record, apparently Democratic planners care about the planet SO much that they held their convention in a facility without recycling containers. How many of the 4,000 attendees tossed their water bottles into trash receptacles, yet stood and applauded as speakers misrepresented the Clean Air vote Brown took earlier this year?

Looks like more, do as we say, not as we do from our progressive friends. How bad is it when members of their own party point out the hypocrisy?  

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