Daily Mail of London, England Picks up Cusack Story: Globe of Boston, US Remains Silent

(Day 4, still nary a word from the Globe. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Readers of the Daily Mail of London, England know more about the latest Beacon Hill scandal than those in Boston, Massachusetts where it took place.  Earlier today the Daily Mail wrote extensively about the story.

[Braintree Town Councillor] Mr Mullaney told the Patriot Ledger: ‘Becoming a state representative is the beginning of your political life, and there are a lot of inexperienced people who go in there.

‘It is a learning experience, and I hope that Mark will learn from this, because he is highly intelligent, his family has done a lot for the town of Braintree and he is a wonderful kid.

‘Young people sometimes do foolish things, and if he survives this, he will be an excellent legislator’, Mr Mullaney said.

Some media reports said that Mr Cusack gave the name of another legislator when he was discovered by a court officer.

Mr Mullaney said, ‘If that is true, I am sure Mark will be telling the truth from now on, as the Speaker’s office does an investigation.

It seems the Daily Mail has uncovered that the Braintree Democratic Machine is gearing up for a vigorous defense of the Representative.

It seems the Newspaper of Record for New England could learn a lot from the publishers of newspapers in Olde England.  Will the Globe ever cover this story?  

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  • To me the story isn’t the scandal, its the lack of coverage.

    People do dopey things, of all parties, stripes, ideologies and persuasions.

    I personally dont think its huge, but its needs to be reported, and other local outlets failed to do their job. They failed the public. They failed their profession.

    Now, external forces will justify your reporting, and the reason why RMG succeeds, and whay it is needed like other alternative media outlets. The MSM cant be trusted.

    It goes all the way back to that “nut” “wackjob” “right wing” “hack” Matt Drudge reporting on a semen stained dress that had all the MSM fools mocking and scoffing. That flash in the pan muckraker Drudge… yeah.

    The more press, the better, of all persuasions. Even if RMG is a little, lonely voice in the wilderness, in this market it is needed.

  • described by a supporter as a “kid” would be viewed as an insult by any self-respecting, mature adult – the people that elected this stupid numbskull should hang their heads in shame – but – of course, there is no shame anymore.    

  • the boston globe will drop name’s and party affilation of republicans only.when republicans figure this out,then you can campaign accordingly.this is a war,expecting a fair shake is out of the question,if you are a republican running for office or helping a republican running for office you will be shown no quarter.get it!

  • ShillelaghLaw

    Dave Wedge posted a blurb two days ago, but hasn’t named names or expanded on it. (Or fleshed out the story as it were….) Cusack’s local paper, The Patriot Ledger has covered the incident.

    My question is why is Rep. Cusack the only one named? It takes two to tango, and the aide in question is a public employee who was also acting inappropriately. This isn’t at all anything like keeping a sexual assault victim’s name secret. The public has a right to know in this case.

  • Such a serious newspaper too.  Todays headlines include “Jen Aniston branded a homewrecker”, Bank worker overcomes bizarre phobia of sweat to lose weight”, and “Women are born to be moody study shows”. Sadly you can’t see the scantily clabe babe on page 2 on the online version.