Cuba’s 1st gay pride parade – 12 people show up…

This is about the saddest story I have ever read about people rising up to overcome oppression and make a stand for their ‘rights’.  

On Tuesday, just 12 people showed up to march in the first ever gay pride parade in Havana.  The march was led by the Cuban Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgendered People’s Rights Watch Group – known as CLGBATPRWG for short.  Try saying that with a cigar in your mouth….

The short march — along the 500 meters (1,600 feet) of Prado Avenue towards the seaside boulevard, the Malecon — took place without incident and broke up amid music and dancing under the amused eye of passers-by and tourists.

From the above quote – the march covered 500 meters (1,600 feet) down the side of the street.  When the marchers were done, which according to my calculations should have taken 2 minutes 51 seconds, they danced and sang songs in the street.  So help me out here – can’t we find 12 gay guys walking down the street singing and dancing in P-Town every night of the week?  Are they even sure this was an organized march and not just a group of ‘bathroom bill’ supporters that had lost their way to the MA state house?  

Interviews with the marchers revealed this:

Yet, said Leannes Imbert, another director of the rights watch group, “discrimination unfortunately still exists in Cuba, we are turned down for certain jobs, and there are hassles of all other kinds as well.

“We’re trying to do the real work of a revolution, to ‘change what must be changed,'” said Imbert, quoting an expression made famous by Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro.

Of course discrimination still exists – its easy for shop owners to get the pictures of every gay guy in Cuba – there are apparently only 12 of them.  I wonder if they were able to do the ‘real work of a revolution’?  

The first ‘planned’ gay pride parade in Cuba was originally to happen in June 2008, but only 3 people showed up and two of them were arrested for being in violation of Cuba’s National Centre for Sex Education.  It seems the two organizers had a list of demands that they were going to give to Cuba’s leadership, but instead they were arrested and detained.  What really pisses me off is that these people marched because they were egged on by a group of gay, lesbian and otherwise folks from Florida called the Unity Coalition.  This group gets the gay folks in Cuba all excited and then lands them in jail – a Cuban jail.  FYI – not a good place for a gay guy.

I think gay people should be careful not to get other gay people in trouble in foreign nations.  There are a lot of countries that really treat gay people very poorly, and have no second thoughts about tossing them in jail for life – or worse yet torturing them.  But, gay people are fine with getting their brothers and sisters in the cause tossed into third world prisons if it makes them feel good from the safety of their own homes in Florida.  I think it is cowardly of them to urge a fight from a foreign nation…  

Seems like the whole gay pride thing is running out of steam….At least in Cuba…..

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