CriticalMASS Top 10 Reads of the Week (June 17, 2011)

Why Obamacare Is Losing in the Courts – David Rivkin and Lee Casey [Wall Street Journal]

When we first articulated ObamaCare’s fundamental constitutional flaws in these pages nearly two years ago, our objections were met with derision by the law’s defenders. Those who have been following the unfolding litigation are no longer laughing.  

Three U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals are poised to render decisions on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the coming months. Despite hundreds of briefing pages and numerous oral arguments, government lawyers have yet to address the law’s most basic constitutional infirmity. Only a “general police power”-the right to enact laws alleged to be in the public interest without regard to interstate commerce or some other federal legislative authority-can support the law’s centerpiece, the “individual mandate” that all Americans purchase health insurance. The Constitution denies that power to the federal government, reserving it to the states alone…Read the Rest


Krauthammer on the union-owned Democrats;

Kay Hymotitz with an article on Weiner that does not exploit his last name for laughs (proving such a thing is possible);

Samuelson, Johnson and Holtz-Eakin on the continued violence President Obama’s policies are doing to the economy; and more – including The Funniest Thing I Saw This Week – at CriticalMASS

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