CriticalMASS Top 10 Reads of the Week (June 10, 2011)

The Real Cost of the Auto Bailouts – David Skeel [Wall Street Journal]

President Obama’s visit to a Chrysler plant in Toledo, Ohio, on Friday was the culmination of a campaign to portray the auto bailouts as a brilliant success with no unpleasant side effects. “The industry is back on its feet,” the president said, “repaying its debt, gaining ground.”

If the government hadn’t stepped in and dictated the terms of the restructuring, the story goes, General Motors and Chrysler would have collapsed, and at least a million jobs would have been lost. The bailouts averted disaster, and they did so at remarkably little cost…. Read the Rest


Jimmy O’ on Edwards/Weiner;

Barnes, Krauthammer and Kristol on the economy and Obama ’12;

Goldberg and May on the wider world; The Funniest Thing I Saw This Week (about… what else?)

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