Chris Christie’s $12.5 Million, Taxpayer-Funded Taxi Cab

Since there are diaries on Texas Governor Rick Perry and former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, I figured this tidbit about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was fair game.

Chris Christie put Jane Swift to shame on Tuesday when he used a taxpayer-funded $12.5 million government helicopter as his personal taxi cab to ferry him from where ever he was hanging out to his son’s baseball game so he could watch four-plus innings and then leave via the same helicopter.

Mind you, Christie had no public schedule, so it wasn’t like he was even coming from or going to some important government meeting to do the people’s business.  He just wanted to abuse taxpayer dollars and treat the government helicopter like his personal taxi cab.  And all to watch half (not even all!!) of his son’s ballgame.

The article notes:

The helicopters, which can reach nearly 200 miles per hour with its twin turbo-shaft engines, are designed for homeland security duties and transporting critically injured patients.

Christie’s son’s ballgame probably wasn’t a matter of homeland security.  Perhaps Christie’s obesity problem was considered by his doctor to be a critical injury – perhaps the Governor’s staff can enlighten on that point in time.

Fiscal conservatism and high regard for taxpayer dollars, that’s Chris Christie!

Any RMG denizens want to step up to the proverbial plate and actually defend Christie’s abuse of government property and taxpayer dollars?  After all, he appears to be the GOP’s dream candidate for President, if the national media is any indication.

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