Capuano – Supporting Weiner

Our esteemed Congressman and erstwhile Senate candidate, Michael Capuano, has finally come out and spoken about the actions of his former Washington DC roommate, Anthony Weiner.

In this article from The Boston Channel… our Congressman is quoted:

“Based on what I know, he has made some inappropriate decisions and taken some inappropriate actions. But none of them violate the law or violate his oath that I am aware of,”

So I guess our Congressman is okay with his colleague and former roomate lying to the American people, lying to his wife and lying to authorities about his texting activities?  Based on his response it would appear so.

It is an odd day when I find myself in agreement with Rep Tsongas, but she has, in my opinion, correctly identified the issues and course of action necessary.  Unfortunately, Rep. Capuano is holding to the “old boys club” approach of DC and siding with his roommate over common sense and common decency.

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