Brown Derangement Syndrome Watch: Tornado Edition

Another in the files of the Brown Derangement Syndrome Watch.  This time it has to do with Scott Brown being responsible for Tornadoes.  Last week on the heels of the Joplin tornado a diarist at Blue Mass Group, wrote about a purported link between “global warming” and tornadoes.  Not that tornadoes have happened since the dawn of time, it’s global warming.  

That’s all well and good.  But in his promotion comment esteemed BMG editor Charley-on-the-MTA took the chance to place the blame for Joplin squarely at Scott Brown’s feet.

Mother Jones (quoting generously from NOAA) has a good, and scary summary of how ocean temps may be affecting tornado season. The future is now.

Also remember that Scott Brown thought it would be a good idea to prevent the EPA from doing its job and control CO2. And he claims not to know if climate change is real. You can now begin slapping your forehead until raw and bloody. – promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Yep, it’s that neanderthal Scott Brown’s fault.  

I can’t wait to see today’s blame, and how they handle this at the Democratic State Convention Scott Brown Trash Fest this weekend in Lowell.

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