Are any municipal races in 2011 worth paying attention to?

(Arthur Vigeant for Mayor of Marlboro comes to mind.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Other than the brilliant Ted Gatsas in Manchester, and Donnalee Lozeau in Nashua, I’m not aware of too many Republicans in municipal politics.

Are we running anyone in 2011, even for City Council or Alderman races?

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  • I don’t know Kristen but she is a Republican

  • BrocktonDave
  • Grew up in Marlboro with Arthur’s Family and Cousins!

    He is going to make a great Mayor of Marlboro count

    me in as one of his biggest supporters!

  • There are 2 New Bedford municipal candidates up for election in November.

    First I’ll mention Henry Bousquet for Ward 3 City Councilor.  He is a member of the New Bedford Republican City Committee and a bunch of local, non-partisan, civic organizations.  On top of that he’s a former small business owner (he owned his own restaraunt for several years) & now he teaches at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech as the culinary arts teacher.

    Secondly, and certainly not to be out done as I’ll end on the highest office, is Linda Morad for Mayor.  Linda Morad is a several term incumbent as City Councilor in Ward 1.  Linda has had her sights set on the mayoralty for some time and this year long-term incumbent Mayor Scott Lang is not seeking re-election so Linda has entered the arena.  She is a long-time member also of the New Bedford Republican City Committee and has a background in banking.  Her opponents are State Representative Antonio “Tony” Cabral & former US Attorney Jon Mitchell, both Democrats.

    I would cast my vote for both of them come Election Day except for the fact that they’re campaigning in New Bedford and, alas, I live in Dartmouth.  However, I would encourage any & all Republican activists who want to support either Henry Bousquet or Linda Morad to volunteer ASAP!

  • He deserves it.

  • Only the minority of communites – those chartered as cities – have elections in November.  Most Select Boards, Planning boards, etc., were elected in the spring.

    I’ve been doing some research, and about 60% of the Selectmen and municipal officials in my area are Republicans.

  • At Large City council (5 seats avaialble, 1 is open):

    John Stevens & David Ciampi

    Ward 8: John Lysak (re-election. Currently the only R on the council)

    There is also a good possibility of wards 3 and 6 having Republicans and there are rumors of R’s planning to run in wards 2 and 5.  

  • NorthShoreRich

    Council at Large:  Elliott Margolis [ ]

    Ward 3 City Council: Patrick D. Dello Russo Jr [ ]

    Ward 6 City Council: Brett Schetzsle

    Ward 5 City Council: Don Martin [incumbent]

    These are the ones I’m aware of for the moment.  I’m support Elliott for Council, and will be walking the Beverly 4th parade with him on Monday with others.

  • Last time I checked there was 14 Republicans running in the good city of Attleboro! Can anyone beat that?  And that includes a bunch of incumbents!  This week the AttleboroGOP sponsored a Candidates Night for ALL the Candidates – over 30 people who have pulled papers in the City attended and spoke to a standing room only crowd of 200 voters!