An insult to Animal House

Publisher’s Note:  On June 14, 2011 House Speaker Robert DeLeo cleared Representative Mark Cusack of any wrongdoing.  – Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

Okay… So apparently while the rest of the country recoils in disgust from Congressman Weiner’s online displays of, um, Weinerdom, our Massachusetts Democratic Legislators have the exact opposite response – and seek to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ (or the Weiners’ or the Edwards) with their very own tawdry sex scandal.

According to both the Herald and State House News (and the good, old fashioned rumor mill), this year’s budget non-debate was interesting for at least two members of the House’s extended family.  Here’s the SHNS:

House Speaker Robert DeLeo has opened an investigation into allegations that freshman Democratic Rep. Mark Cusack engaged in inappropriate behavior with another lawmaker’s aide in the House chamber in the hours after a House budget session in April.

Multiple sources within the Legislature and outside of the State House said that Cusack and the young woman were discovered by a court officer in the well of the rostrum in the pre-dawn hours following the conclusion of the House budget debate.

“The House will conduct an internal review of this matter,” DeLeo spokesman Seth Gitell said in a statement in response to an inquiry from the News Service.

Cusack, a 26-year-old freshman from Braintree who previously served as an assistant to Braintree Mayor Joe Sullivan, was first elected to the House in November 2010.

The first iteration of this rumor that I heard about this late night encounter ‘neath the Sacred Cod was considerably worse, in which case the House would have been dealing with an entirely different kettle of fish.  At least from the initial reporting, however, it seems pretty straightforward.  Given that Representative Cusack is all of twenty- six years old, and assuming that the legislative aide in question is herself somewhere in that general age range, what we apparently have here is a couple of randy kids who succumbed to the natural aphrodisiac of, um… of the fiscal 2012 budget debate…?   Hey.  Diff’rent Strokes and all that.

What gets under my skin about this Skinemax-grade scandlet is this excerpt from the SHNS:

Asked about the reports of Cusack’s behavior, one Democratic House member said it paints all lawmakers in a bad light.  

“This just makes everybody look bad. It’s Animal House all over again and makes us look like we’re a joke,” said the legislator, who asked not to be named.

That goes too far.  After all, Animal House was not just a movie about horny college kids. It was a seminal event that defined at least one generation – maybe one and a half.  This unnamed legislator’s casual association of the recent tawdry goings on in our State House with the epic antics chronicled in 1978 is an insult to proud Faber alums everywhere… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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