54 Boston Heroes punished for not really being qualified to do their job.

From Boston.com comes the story today that 54 firefighters heroes were fired suspended for faking their medical training certifications.  

The 54 Boston firefighters were among hundreds statewide that received additional pay/stipends in order to compensate them for the additional training needed to do their jobs at the top level of performance.  The problem was that they received the pay, didn’t take the training and then lied about being adequately trained.  

Mind you, these are the same kind of con artists that periodically show up to work high on cocaine, or drunk.  Then demand pay increases while the private sector suffers because they do the dangerous job of ‘running into a burning building while everyone else is running out’, so I am told.  

So how does it feel citizens – the ‘heroes’ that you thought were highly trained actually may not be able to save your life because they skipped school during the training session they were paid to attend?  

Thanks to their union, in 15 days they will get another crack at conning the public into pay raises and added benefits because Lord knows they can’t be fired for this unscrupulous act.  The firefighters that played this scam before, and got caught, have only been suspended for 45 days.  Can you imagine what would happen to a worker in the dreaded private sector if he/she was caught creating phony certificates for a second time?  They would literally be blackballed from the industry.  Not in the public sector – those folks get time off.

And nobody will remember a thing the next time the union negotiations start up and the ‘heroes’ want a raise…..

Police and firefighters are not heroes and deserve no special status in society.  

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