10 Really Cool Things That I Think

I’ll get the tough one out of the way first!

1) Still waiting for the pro Obama stuff to appear on my local patch.com website. My nephew plays soccer and I’m wondering when someone will slip in the fact that Obama scored a goal or even made a save in one of my nephew’s games. (I may regret this one!)

2) Still trying to find the exact oath of office a State Senator takes before being a State Senator. I assume there is one!

3) Went to my first Memorial Day servive in years on Monday and felt damn proud of my community. We beat each other up but we come together when it matters.

4) Bruins in 6 (or 7).

5) Why do I feel like I gave Bob Kraft a low interest loan (1%?) when I sent in my season ticket money? Not sure there will be a season.

6) A friend who ran for state office was recently appointed to a local municipal board. He found out it wasn’t as easy as he thought.

7) Jobs plus the economy trump capturing/killing Obama. I’m guessing Obama knows that better than anyone.

8) I want Sarah Palin to run. Don’t ask why.

9) Bruce Tarr is one awesome public speaker. He even made Terri Murray laugh last week. Really! I saw it.

10) DiMasi is so screwed!  

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