We are not Clownfish

Teaching kids about clownfish, which are able to change sexes, as if it applied to human beings and was relevant to how we think about sex and gender, is cruel and disrespectful of human nature. Teaching them about Clownfish in biology class is OK of course, but this is designed to get students to think of humans as if we could change sex too. We can’t, and schools should teach that we can’t, but they are teaching the exact opposite.  But that’s what “Postgenderism” and “Transgenderism” is about. It isn’t just about cross-dressers and bathrooms, it is about remaking how humans reproduce, replacing natural sex and rights with technology and design.

Redwood Heights Elementary School, in Oakland,  is in the hot-seat after the school decided to education students about gender diversity.

On Monday and Tuesday, students of every grade were taught what the school called age-appropriate lessons about gender differences. Some lessons included all-girl geckos, a transgender clownfish, and boy snakes who act “girly” reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

“That’s a lot of variation in nature,” Gender Spectrum trainer, Joel Baum, told the students. “Evolution comes up with some pretty funny ways for animals to reproduce.”

Principal Sara Stone said the lesson on gender differences was part of a larger effort to control bullying in the school, something parents supported last year.

However, after the lessons began, several parents felt discussion in the classroom was too much.

Everyone has a right to be human, and treated like a human, and humans are not clownfish and do not change sex. Humans have a right to procreate as their natural sex, with someone of the other sex. Sex is not something we should be trying to move beyond. Teaching students that they can change sex disrespects and violates their natural right to be their sex, it disrespects fertility and everyone’s equal right to procreate naturally.

Postgenderists say “Sex is a disease” to be cured by emerging technology, a limit to be overcome by human ingenuity. But they’re wrong, sex is a good thing and an essential human thing, and should not be overcome.

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