US History amendment rejected in Senate Budget

(Senator Hedlund, aren’t you aware that US History is the story of oppression?  We can’t be glorifying oppression can we? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

During budget debate today, I offered an amendment that would have required the social sciences and history portion of the MCAS contain United States history and make that portion a graduation requirement.  

The Board of Education has continuously delayed the implementation of this portion as a graduation requirement and I have heard from educators that more emphasis and funding is put towards the subjects (Math, Science, and English) that are currently graduation requirements.

Additionally, this amendment would have protected the teaching of United States history by stripping the Board of Education of the power to remove United States history from the core curriculum.

My Democratic colleagues said the State Senate was not the “appropriate” forum to make these changes and that it should be further vetted, however these very same colleagues implemented their own changes MCAS and put in place a classroom domestic violence program without vetting them through the “appropriate” forums.

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