Romney’s Angincourt?

(As much as he tries to deflect.  Romneycare is the Obamacare 0.9 beta. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

 I give you this very thoughtful blog from Wall Street Journal that does the very best job of capsualizing what Governor Romney will try to do today.  

Let me close with the same last question in the blog.

What do you think — will his speech quiet his critics?

I believe he is perfectly postitoned to overwhelm a bunch of rigid, anti-change, anti anythingobama says stick in the muds. Did they not learn anything from the April recess shout downs where folks stood up for quality single payor health care that is Medicare?  


As the WSJ reports, Romney will give a speech today that he hopes will address critics of his role in the Massachusetts plan … without totally disavowing the whole thing. (After all, the program means that nearly everyone in the state now has insurance, and is popular with residents though it hasn’t done much to curb costs and has been associated with longer wait times for primary care.)

In his speech, Romney will support the notion of repealing the health-overhaul law and replacing it with something including these five elements:

  • Block grants for states would replace the current federal share of Medicaid, giving states more flexibility to design the plans.
  • People would be able to use “current tax credits that help pay for employer-provided health insurance or a new tax credit to help purchase their own plan,” the WSJ says.
  • The ban on rejecting insurance applicants because of pre-existing conditions would continue, but only if people previously had coverage for some period of time. People could buy insurance across state lines and small businesses could form groups to purchase coverage.
  • Medical-malpractice awards would be capped.
  • Consumer-directed health care, including health-savings accounts, would be encouraged.

What do you think — will his speech quiet his critics?

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