Romney’s Angincourt?

(As much as he tries to deflect.  Romneycare is the Obamacare 0.9 beta. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

 I give you this very thoughtful blog from Wall Street Journal that does the very best job of capsualizing what Governor Romney will try to do today.  

Let me close with the same last question in the blog.

What do you think — will his speech quiet his critics?

I believe he is perfectly postitoned to overwhelm a bunch of rigid, anti-change, anti anythingobama says stick in the muds. Did they not learn anything from the April recess shout downs where folks stood up for quality single payor health care that is Medicare?  


As the WSJ reports, Romney will give a speech today that he hopes will address critics of his role in the Massachusetts plan … without totally disavowing the whole thing. (After all, the program means that nearly everyone in the state now has insurance, and is popular with residents though it hasn’t done much to curb costs and has been associated with longer wait times for primary care.)

In his speech, Romney will support the notion of repealing the health-overhaul law and replacing it with something including these five elements:

  • Block grants for states would replace the current federal share of Medicaid, giving states more flexibility to design the plans.
  • People would be able to use “current tax credits that help pay for employer-provided health insurance or a new tax credit to help purchase their own plan,” the WSJ says.
  • The ban on rejecting insurance applicants because of pre-existing conditions would continue, but only if people previously had coverage for some period of time. People could buy insurance across state lines and small businesses could form groups to purchase coverage.
  • Medical-malpractice awards would be capped.
  • Consumer-directed health care, including health-savings accounts, would be encouraged.

What do you think — will his speech quiet his critics?

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  • Romney is a great candidate on paper, but his healthcare past is dogging him because in reality he’s a weak candidate who does not have a convincing narrative on the economy, how it got here and how he will fix it. Primary voters are looking for a reason not to vote for him. If it wasn’t the health care law it would be something else.  

  • From WBUR this morning

    Poll Numbers Suggest Forgiving GOP Voters

    Romney’s message is going over well with voters here. In the latest Suffolk University/WHDH-TV poll, he has a 25-point lead among likely voters in the New Hampshire Republican primary.

    “We asked a question about whether or not Mitt Romney’s involvement in passing health care in Massachusetts would hurt his electability,” pollster David Paleologos said, “and people said overwhelmingly it would have no effect. That was an important finding for us because the general consensus is that his position on health care will hurt him, but when we asked the question, 53 percent said, ‘No effect.’ ”

    And this is even though Paleologos found that most likely voters in the New Hampshire GOP primary oppose the national health care law.

    “What they were saying in the poll is that they thought that national health care should either be repealed or modified, ” Paleologos said, “so they’re making a distinction in New Hampshire between what Romney did and Romney’s high popularity there, and not blaming him for Massachusetts health care. “

  • i just due not see 270 for romney.southern illinois is going republican that’s why emanuel was put in as the mayor of chicago,to deliver illinois to obama.where is the state that romney can count on that gets the same guarantee?ron paul can count on and mi.are voting to re-elect the president,the unemployment rate could be 100%,makes no diffrence.270 is the magic number and romney doe’s not get there.


    They nailed it with “fatal flaw”. Some of those points are important in his plan (like the tax change, the ability to go over state lines, medical malpractice, and HSAs). However, unless he repudiates the fundamentally flawed concept of mandating insurance purchase – he is toast.  by simply saying it is up to the states to decide, he is passing the buck in a way that makes no sense. Mandates don’t work – period. It doesn’t matter if you are in Alaska or Massachusetts.  

  • The MA plan should actually be called ‘DiMasiCare’.  One example – when Romney filed his bill, it allowed – no, it ENCOURAGED – younger healthy workers to purchase inexpensive high-deductible plans which would be supplemented by HSA’s.  That meant that those who were not likely to use health insurance on a regualar basis would have catasropic coverage, but not chronic coverage.  Sort of like carrying a $1,000 deductible on your car instead of $250.  DiMasi and the Legislature scrapped that, and forced everyone to buy into HMO’s, the least efficient health care plan on earth.  There were MANY tweaks like that that greatly modified Romney’s original intent.

    So why did he go along with these changes, you ask?  Because the alternative was what the progressive Dems were pushing – single payer.  The bill as passed at least prevented the Commonwealth from arranging what your healthcare would be.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Namely: capping medical malpractise awards, and being able to buy insurance across state lines.  

    But my problem with Romney (not that is is a big one) is that he is too squeeky clean.  He comes off as Mister Goody-Two-Shoes.  I kinda want to hear him drop an F-Bomb or something just to show me that he is a regular guy.  So here is my list of things Romney can do, and should do, to become a regular guy – and thusly win the Presidency!

    Things Romney should do on the campaign trail to give himself the ‘regular guy’ image:

    1. Wear a bowling shirt in public.  Bowling is a hugely popular sport enjoyed by regular guys – especially midwest regular guys.

    2. Drop the F-Bomb as mentioned above.  Nobody is perfect, just ask Joe Biden.

    3. Get caught eyeing up some hot piece of ass.  Every guy does this, damnit!

    4. Go to a Red Sox game, and after the game hang out on Lansdowne Street or Yawkey Way screaming about how much you hate the #%&@#’in Yankees.  This may not work nationally, but it will sure win votes in Beantown, and he has to win his home state.

    5. Hawk a loogie right before making a policy speech.  Shows he is not too refined.

    6. Drive a crappy car once in a while.  I admit this is a bit ScottBrownian, but it works… It’s American!

    7. Refer to his wife as his ‘old lady’. Shows his marriage has all the regular bumps and bruises.

    8. Chase down some small time criminal i.e purse snatcher, and put a beatin on him… Shows he can be tough on crime, and elevates him to ‘hero’ status.

    9. Fart, and then openly admit that he did it.  People like honesty.

    10. Visit a restuarant, accept a challenge to eat the biggest thing on the menu, and then burp as loud as he can.  Women love this….and guys love it too.

    If Romney did those 10 things he would be elected with like 95% of the vote in America.  

  • You’ve got to love the way Romney has an answer for everything.    He has an answer for why Romneycare is totally different than Obamacare.   He also has an answer for why he was pro-choice when he was in Massachusetts, but always pro-life when he is outside Massachusetts.

    Somebody should ask him why Romneycare pays for abortions.   After all, in Massachusetts, abortions are covered by his insurance plan.   Of course, I am sure that Romney will have an answer for that one also.

  • Why not ask Webster and Perry, who voted against Romney Care in 2006 who they support for President and why?  These two are the most conservative reps.  They have been silent on this blog and in the media.  Just saying.

  • Know what they all have in common? They all supported cap and trade in one form or another. There was a time, when universal health care wasn’t perceived as a bad thing by swing voters. In 2008, they actually favored it. They didnt like the actual plan they got or how it was shoved down their throats. Cap and trade is the same thing. If the law and regs ever came to fruition, it would have been just as damaging and unpopular as ObamaCare.

    The point is that Romney bears this burden only because that is the one major issue the Democrats seized last Congress. If they rammed cap and trade or amnesty or card check, then other candidates would be in the position that Mitt is in right now. But the truth is that no one os those issues is worse than the other.

    I think Mitt’s survives because it is what candidates will do that counts, not self-flagellation over the past. He just has to convince voters that he will repreal ObamaCare. State stuff really doesnt matter.    

  • Having worked with Governor Romney for 4 years at the State House and the 5 years since on various campaigns, I have no doubt he would be a great President.  Yes, I was one of only 2 to votes against his health care plan.  He and I had a good discussion on this back before the vote and I thought he was wrong then and still do, BUT this does not change my view that he is the right person for our Country.  For those who believe they need to find a candidate they agree with 100% of the time, I hope they find what they are looking for, but I am supporting who I want to hire to turn our economy around, reform government, stop illegal immigration, defend our Constitution and support our troops.  To me, the best person for this job is Mitt Romney.

  • Mike Huckabee is taking his talents to the buffet table at the Foxnews cafeteria…

    Eyes on the Foxnews five spot.

  • How about we just stick together with anti-Obama for now?  The GOP primary will work it self out.  I will support who ever it is. I am good with Romney, but also open to Daniel.