Republican Brian Herr soundly defeats Democrat to win 2nd term

HOPKINTON , MA – On Monday May 16th, Republican Brian Herr defeated Democrat Frank D’Urso in the town wide general election for Selectman.  In a decisive victory, Herr captured nearly 68% of the vote.  

Herr said “A few years ago, we started Hopkinton down the road of fiscal discipline.  We made government smaller and more efficient and it paid off in terms of tax relief for the residents. Running government like a private sector business does work.”  

Herr continued, “We must spend each dollar carefully, as if it was our own, and we must manage our resources closely.  Working together we can continue to be recognized as one of the top communities in Massachusetts to live, work and raise a family.”

Herr concluded, “I want to thank all the volunteers from Hopkinton that worked on my campaign and helped us win big!  I look forward to getting back to work on behalf of the community.”

Hopkinton is one of a handful of cities and towns across Massachusetts that holds partisan elections by law, as done at the state and federal level.  Its voter registration is also similar to Massachusetts as a whole.  Republicans make up approximately 20% of the electorate, with Democrats running around 30% of the registered voters.  The majority of Hopkinton voters, like the majority of Massachusetts voters, are Independents, otherwise known as un-enrolled.  Brian Herr built a coalition of voters from across the political spectrum to win his second term on the BoS.

Brian Herr was first elected to the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen in May 2007.  Prior to that he was elected to the Planning Board in 2004.  In 2010 he was a Republican candidate for U.S. Representative in Massachusetts ‘ Third Congressional District.  Herr lives with his wife, Mary Murphy, and their 5 children in Hopkinton.  Beyond his government responsibilities, Brian Herr is a business professional in the commercial construction and industrial automation industries, and is a regular political commentator on WCRN Radio (830 AM) based in Worcester , MA.


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