More Globe on Lantigua: But other than that…

Yet another feature-length, front page investigative article in the Globe on Lawrence’s soon-to-be indicted Mayor Willy Lantigua. This one details the many, many reporting “gaps” and inconsistencies in the Mayor’s campaign finance reports. Multiple lavish events, including ones headlined by such luminaries as Governor Deval Patrick and Speaker Bob DeLeo, with little to no information on who paid for them.

Add this to the long list that already includes:

A multi-jurisdictional corruption investigation;

A vicious beating of a Lantigua critic by one of the Mayor’s allies in the city’s, um, ‘nightclub community’…


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  • Deval insisted on NO control board. The Globe insisted that the City of Lawrence was on the right track. 10s of millions in Race to the Top funding and ch 70 education funding has been pouring into Lawrence and the man in charge can’t account for his own finances.

    So tell me again why the Globe investigators had to uncover the Mayor’s apparent inability to account for his campaign finances? Do we have an auditor or is Lawrence somehow off limits?

    Filed by Gov. Deval Patrick on Dec. 31, the proposed bill allows the city to borrow the money and gives local leaders one year, with help from an overseer, to repair an estimated $24.5 million budget deficit and another $15 million shortfall predicted next year.

    Under Patrick’s proposal, if the city’s finances aren’t in order after a year, the state would send in a control board.

    Republicans say they will vote for the bill, but they wanted to amended to include a five-person control board for the city immediately. The mayor, City Council president and three state appointees would sit on the board. The state’s Attorney General, auditor and governor would be asked to make the three appointees on behalf of the state, Jones said.

  • CVarley

    Who will run for mayor?

  •    I read the globe piece with great interest today.  the Mayor will be gently dealt with.  If you’re a Democrat, say a wife of a congressman who laundered $8 million in illegal gambling monies—fine; $2500;   a state senator taking who steals who knows how much money on tape, plus “loans” from developers, fine $10,000;  an indicted Speaker of the House–did not report a $65,000 payoff–fine $5,000;

    a city counselor convicted of taking a bribe–fine $1,000—a republican candidate for Lt. Gov. used his own money [ $400,000+] and did not properly report it–Fine: $60,000;  a former candidate for Governor used his own money [$123,000] and did not report it timely or properly—$70,000.  

    As an old friend told me once—you think is on the level–that’s your problem.

    So, we fight on—

  • there are areas of the commonwealth that should be written off.lawrence,brockton,fall river are three that fit this approach.there are other areas like lowell,certain parts of boston,ie;west roxbury,city point,neponset,certain parts of worcester,that should be contested.lawrence is a dump,if you plan on campaigning in that city,arm yourself!