Monday evening miscellany (Willy, Sal and Tom)

Editorial butt-covering

What is there to be said about this “editorial” that ran in Saturday’s Globe?  I have tried three different approaches now – incredulity, sarcasm, parody – and each time have ended up using words that are not appropriate for a family blog.  Look, I get it.  Two Globe columnists – first Yvonne Abraham, then Adrian Walker – devoted their columns recently to illuminating and candid looks at the spiraling disaster that is Mayor Willy Lantigua.  Both studiously avoiding mentioning the pivotal role Governor Patrick played in bringing Lantigua to power, or Patrick’s refusal to appoint a much-needed financial control board for Lawrence, or even the Governor’s curious refusal, even in light of the parody of urban corruption that the Lantigua Administration has become, to criticize his former protege.  But still – all the attention to Lantigua has exposed the Govenor’s rear end, and the Globe is itself arguably at least partly responsible.  Clearly the editors felt they needed to do something to cover that buttock.

But they couldn’t do better than this?

So far, the suspicions surrounding Lantigua haven’t hindered his efforts to steer Lawrence toward fiscal stability. That accomplishment, however, comes with considerable help from a fiscal overseer appointed by Governor Deval Patrick who ensures that up to $35 million in loan guarantees from the state won’t go down the drain.

This is like hiring a kid to paint a peeling house, and then ignoring the fact that he’s broken all the windows, set fire to the roof and is treating the neighbors to a daily full frontal, because he’s done a passably good job on the trim.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Speaking of Adrian Walker, his column today was about the breakfast meeting in 2007 where Sal DiMasi allegedly put the squeeze on the Governor to support his self-interested bid to award an egregiously over-priced state software contract to Cognos… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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