MASSterList: Top Probation lawyer fired – RomneyCare by the record – Prosecution wrapping up at DiM

STOP SNITCHIN': The acting commissioner of Probation has fired the department's top lawyer for leaking information to former commissioner John O'Brien, who is accused of running a jobs-for-favors operation out of Probation.

MITT MONITOR: If you haven't read Brian Mooney's authoritative piece on former Gov. Mitt Romney's role in Massachusetts' 2006 health care reform overhaul, do so now. (Globe)

DiFENSE: If you haven't been paying any attention to the DiMasi trial, (or only began to pay attention when Gov. Patrick testified last week) know that the state's case is wrapping up and the defense is about take over. (AP)

MEMORABLE DAY: Typical candidate Memorial day: Sen. Scott Brown attends parades and memorial events around MetroWest. Atypical candidate Memorial Day: Setti Warren welcomes a new baby boy.

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