MASSterList: Retro rewind for state leaders – Romney’s tale of two health plans – MORE

RETRO REWIND: Who knew the mid-oughts would be so in style in 2011? A former governor, speaker and senate president all made headlines yesterday. We’ll get back to the current owners of those positions next week, but for now enjoy five year old scandals and controversies:

MITT MONITOR: Former Gov. Mitt Romney had his big moment yesterday (AP)to explain, with the help of powerpoint slides, how the red-blooded, freedom-loving Massachusetts health care reform plan he supported in 2006 differs from the commie death-scheme that is Obamacare ( Globe). opens a time capsule to see how Romney felt way back when and plots out his policy plans.

CHECK, PLEASE: Former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi’s public corruption trial gets down to the nitty-gritty (PI) of how the alleged buy-offs went down between Cognos and Mr. Speaker ( Herald). The Herald looks ahead to DiMasi’s “nuclear” next week. MORE: T &GAP

PAINTINGS: Former Senate President Thomas Birmingham appearently kept a secret office down the street from the State House containing only a picture of Horace Mann and a desk without a chair. Who knew?

TWITS: What else went on in 2004-2007 we didn’t know about?#maOughtsScandal So go forth this weekend and celebrate mid-oughts-style. (That means listening to Kelly Clarkson and using T9 to text flip phones.)

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