Lantigua Should Resign… And Democrats Should Publicly Pressure Him To Do So

The latest with Mayor Lantigua:

Yet Lantigua didn’t report paying a dime to rent Chester’s at Bell Tower Square or to feed at least 50 guests, costs that easily could have exceeded $2,000 for newlyweds planning their reception with the same number of people. […]

Such a reporting lapse by a politician appears to violate the state’s campaign finance laws that require candidates to detail all donations – of either cash or services – and ban contributions greater than $500. Businesses are not allowed to make donations at all.

And it’s the latest in a long pattern:

The Chester’s soiree is one of at least 15 Lantigua campaign events at restaurants and nightclubs over the past three years for which Lantigua reported paying no expenses, potentially representing tens of thousands of dollars in unreported donations from either the owners or other supporters whose identities have never been disclosed.

One oversight is possibly a forgivable mistake.  Fifteen oversights and, whether or not you’re guilty on all fifteen counts, you’ve definitely cashed in any semblance of credibility you have with your constituents.  Lantigua should resign immediately.  It’s virtually guaranteed that he will face more embarrassment and more legal problems as more details trickle out.  But, if he resigns, at least he’ll demonstrate the hint of self-awareness and esteemable shame that eludes scandal-plagued candidates who don’t resign, like Republican David Vitter (U.S. Senator from Louisiana) and Democrat Bill Jefferson (former U.S. Congressman from, um, also Louisiana).

Beyond that, at this point, Lantigua is approaching the Dianne Wilkerson exit on the Mass Turnpike of scandal.  Democrats who stick with him, at this point, only serve to tarnish the D next to their names, right along with their names.  In the name of preserving the public’s faith in their elected officials, elected officials (particularly Democrats) need to begin publicly pressuring Lantigua to resign.

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