Just Say No to Red Light Cameras

There is another push to have red light cameras be legal in Massachusetts.  The Boston Herald has the story.

Bills to allow cities and towns to install red-light cameras have languished in the Legislature for years amid pressure from police unions and unwillingness to change a state law requiring that motor-vehicle citations be hand-delivered to violators.

There’s also been “apprehension” over the technology, said state Rep. Kevin G. Honan (D-Brighton), who has proposed red-light camera bills for 10 years. The push is gaining steam this year, said Honan, who thinks cameras would slow down traffic at Commonwealth Avenue and Babcock Street in Brighton, which he called a “speedway.”

“There’s more and more support around the commonwealth” for the cameras, he said. “That will put pressure on the Legislature.”

There is a long standing tradition in the American judicial system that you should be able to confront your accuser.  Unless the red light cameras are given sentience and can be dragged into court to testify, then they shouldn’t be automatically giving out tickets.  It’s that simple.

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