It’s time to help Governor Cellucci fight ALS

As many know earlier this year, former MA Governor A. Paul Cellucci announced that he was diagnosed with ALS. Our prayers are with him.

But the Governor is a happy warrior in this grim fight. He’s decided that he’s going to raise funds for a cure, a cure he thinks is around the corner.

Veteran Globe reporter Frank Phillips, in a wonderful profile, explains:

It’s been two years since the former governor and Canadian ambassador received what he calls a “devastating diagnosis” of Lou Gehrig’s disease, the degenerative and incurable neurological disorder that cripples the body but leaves the mind untouched. It is among the cruelest of terminal illnesses.

In his first interview since he publicly acknowledged his illness in January, the 63-year-old said last week that he is ready to reemerge publicly.

Convinced a treatment is in reach during his lifetime, Cellucci is fighting back, eager to use his status as one of Massachusetts’ elder statesmen to raise money for research to cure what is officially known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

“I want to take the diagnosis and try to do good,” said Cellucci, who continues to live an active life. “I believe they are getting very close to a significant breakthrough. That’s what gives me hope, and that it is going to help me in my lifetime.”

Tonight, Cellucci is scheduled to ride a golf cart onto the field at Fenway Park just before the start of the Red Sox game. He will unveil a campaign to create a $10 million endowment to fund elite ALS research at UMass Medical School. That work will be headed by neurologist Dr. Robert H. Brown Jr., who has taken on the role of Cellucci’s personal physician.

It’s time for us to answer his call.

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