Reading the Globe’s fawning coverage of Governor Patrick’s testimony in the Sal DiMasi trial, I get the same queasy, vicariously embarrassed feeling I used to get back in high school, watching the nerdy kid with a crush try in vain to impress a pretty girl.  [Okay, fine.  I get the same queasy vicariously embarrassed feeling other kids used to get watching me try to impress the pretty girl. Whatever.  The point is the feeling.]  You want to tell the poor kid to stop.  She may throw you a smile, but she isn’t going to prom with you no matter how many times you notice her haircut or whisper her an answer in biology class.

Here’s the straight news article, on the front page:

Inside the courtroom, the governor seemed collected as he answered questions from prosecutors and defense lawyers. He put on reading glasses to see evidentiary documents, holding the glasses by the tip of their frames

By the tips of their frames, he held them!  How much more “collected” could a mere mortal be?


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