Democrat Wins NY 26. Thanks Paul Ryan

Oh my.

CNN)-Democrat Kathy Hochul will win the special election for the New York 26th District Congressional seat, CNN projections showed Tuesday. The race between Hochul and Republican Jane Corwin gained national attention as a proxy battle on the Republican Medicare plan.


Wait, it gets better. The Tea Party candidate last ran as a Democrat so you can’t blame him for the Republican loss.

Spin away.

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  • As the blog from whom Red Mass Group “borrowed” its name noted, this is the district that produced Jack Kemp.  Something like just three Democrats have represented the region in Congress since Reconstruction.  It’s an easy Republican district.  And the GOP coughed it up.

    Strong showing for the Republican, huh?  Keep swinging at Medicare, fellas.  Why not pile on privatizing Social Security for good measure?

  • … for races where the incumbent was caught perving out on Craigslist, and some douchebag competed for the same votes ran as a Tea Party Candidate.

  • Everyone knows the liberals cant win on ideas, so they set themselves on a path of personal destruction. Its straight radical 101 stuff. Everyone knows this.

    George W. Bush. Old news, right? Palin too, right? I thought the new men in black were the Koch Brothers.

    I’m just trying to keep up with the new liberal boogeyman. Is it Paul Ryan now? Man, that’s lame.

    But kudos to Ryan for being such a distinguished citizen that he is actually is targeted by the retarded left. Good for Paul.